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Webmaster Resources and Information

In this section you will find the tools and information you need to help you plan and then build a successful web site. We also list free web hosts and sources of free web site content.

  • Webmaster Freeware
    Our specially selected freeware for webmasters.

  • PHP Scripts Directory
    A directory of free PHP scripts that you can use to build and improve your web site.

  • JavaScripts Directory
    You will find these free JavaScripts very useful.

  • Web Hosting Guide
    Find out about the different types of web hosting that are available.

  • Free Web Hosts Directory
    If you are looking for a place to host a web site for free - you will find a selection of suitable ones here.

  • Free Buttons
    These are free 126 x 31 and 88 x 31 buttons to use as rollover buttons for your web site.

  • Free Contents for your web site
    Find free content such as articles, cartoons and online games, plus remotely hosted bulletin boards and guestbooks that you can add easily to your web site.

  • Blank 468 x 60 banners
    Use these blank banners to create ad banners for banner exchanges.

  • Form Tips
    Help with making forms for your web pages.




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