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MicroFTP 2000 - FTP Client - Freeware FTP Clients

MicroFTP 2000 - FTP Client freeware FTP Clients software

MicroFTP 2000 - FTP Client: The MicroFTP 2000 program is a useful, easy-to-use FTP Client which enables you to quickly transfer files to and from an FTP web site. It can also be used for web site uploading and routine maintenance. All of the standard FTP commands such as connect' 'disconnect', 'delete', 'make directory', 'refresh', 'rename', 'transfer' are available in the simple, streamlined graphical user interface. In addition, the toolbar can be customized to show only the menu items that you want to show. You can set the program to show the initial local and remote directories for each account. The port can be changed from the default setting of 21 if you require a different port number. The files types that you don't want to be displayed can be chosen for each account.

Author / Publisher: Gregory Braun
Version: 2.6
Operating Systems: Windows
File Size: 365 KB
Added: February 22nd 2015
Visits: 164


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