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Free JavaScripts Directory

The JavaScripts listed in this directory are all free for you to download and use on your websites. In return for allowing you to use them for free sometimes a copyright link to the author's web site is required.

To use them you simply need to copy and paste them to the correct location on your web page. Sometimes you may be required to paste part of the code into the <head> section of your HTML page and another part into the <body> section - the instructions for the javascript will tell you if you need to do this.

They are arranged in categories to make it easier to find the ones that you want.

Be sure to check out the most recently added free JavaScripts.

A Random Selection of Javascripts

Static Menu

This cool script renders a menu that's statically positioned at the left edge of your page, never going out of sight!
Browsers: All

This javascript can be found in the Navigation category.

4-Flasher Background Color Effect

When the page opens, this script rapidly cycles the page background through four different colors and then to the page fixed color. A striking page-opener effect that does *not* depend on MSIE transitions. Easy.
Browsers: All

This javascript can be found in the Background Effects category.

Automatic E-mail This Link Script

This script automatically captures the title of the current page and the url of the current page and sends them via the user's e-mail client to an address entered in a box on the form. The e-mail address field is also checked to see that it is not empty, and that the e-mail address is in valid format.
Browsers: IE4-6, NS4-6

This javascript can be found in the Email category.

Page Bookmark

Allows visitors to bookmark your page with the push of a button. Netscape users will get a pop-up window telling them to press CTRL-C while the MSIE users will get to actually bookmark the page with the push of a button. In addition, the pop-up windows will not appear for another 14 days after the user initially sees it. This is a great script to put on your page and will attract many more repeat visitors to your page. The only downside is that the script is a little large.
Browsers: All

This javascript can be found in the Miscellaneous category.

"What's New?" image

This is a very practical script that allows you to display a "what's new" image beside new content for a certain amount of time, then disappear automatically when the time expires. Just set a date, and the image will be displayed up to and until that date, then automatically be removed.
Browsers: All

This javascript can be found in the Image Effects category.




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