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Free JavaScripts Directory

The JavaScripts listed in this directory are all free for you to download and use on your websites. In return for allowing you to use them for free sometimes a copyright link to the author's web site is required.

To use them you simply need to copy and paste them to the correct location on your web page. Sometimes you may be required to paste part of the code into the <head> section of your HTML page and another part into the <body> section - the instructions for the javascript will tell you if you need to do this.

They are arranged in categories to make it easier to find the ones that you want.

Be sure to check out the most recently added free JavaScripts.

A Random Selection of Javascripts

Source Code Encrypter

Scramble the source of any chunk of code, or the entire webpage, using this creative script. The encrypted code will still be interpreted properly by the browser, just difficult for us humans to read. It is recommended that you use this script to encrypt only the part(s) of your webpage that require encryption (ie: a script), rather than the entire page. This helps minimize the chance of any problems.
Browsers: FF1+ IE5+ Opr7+

This javascript can be found in the Security category.

Background Music Script

Liven up your webpage with music, using this cross browser background music script. Note that the visitor's browser must have the appropriate midi plugin installed in order to hear it (default download with full install of both NS and IE).
Browsers: IE and NS

This javascript can be found in the Audio category.


By combining DHTML with XML, this ticker script makes updating its contents a breeze, through an external XML file. Just open the file, and enter the desired messages to show. Plain text and links (with targeting) are supported, and script is functional in both IE5+ and NS6+, degrading well with the rest. Now there's little excuse not to update your ticker regularly!
Browsers: FF1+ IE5+

This javascript can be found in the XML category.


jsDOMenu is a cross-browser navigation menu that is based on DOM. The menu will pop up when you left/right click in certain regions in your web page. You can also configure it to be absolutely positioned, fixed positioned (does not move with the page during scrolling) or statically positioned. It supports unlimited submenus, and submenu will adjust its position appropriately if the cursor is too near the edge. jsDOMenu is 100% HTML/ XHTML valid, and is fully customizable through CSS. Horizontal menu bars are possible by installing jsDOMenuBar. Every menu item can have an icon shown before the display text. Tested and works in many browsers such as Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox/Firebird, Netscape, Opera, Safari, Camino and Microsoft Internet Explorer.
Browsers: Most

This javascript can be found in the Navigation category.

Auto-Sizing Image Popup Window Script

Use this script to launch a popup window that automatically loads an image and resizes itself to fit neatly around that image. The script also places a title you set in the titlebar of the popup window. Any number of images can be launched from a single instance of the script.
Browsers: NS6-7 & IE4 and later [Degrades functionally in NS4]

This javascript can be found in the Windows category.




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