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Play Free Online Java Games

Have fun playing these free online java games. There are currently 47 games to choose from. They are all completely free to play and no registration is required.
Simply choose the game that you want to play and click your mouse on the picture or the title of the game. You will be taken to the page for that game, then you need to wait for the java applet to finish loading in your browser. Then you can start playing.


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3d driver free java game 3D Car Driver
Drive your car, but keep it on the road and avoid the obstacles and other cars.
4 wheelin free online java game 4-wheeling jeep driving game
Have fun playing this challenging 4 wheel jeep online driving game.
benny free java game Benny
Collect all the keys on each level to save your girlfriend from Peanuts the Clown. Don't be fooled by how easy it looks, it gets much harder.
submarines free java game Torpedo Alley Submarines Game
You are the commander of a submarine and you must try to sink the enemy ships. Torpedo is a fun game with professional sound and graphics that will keep you glued to your computer (as if you needed a reason). But watch out, it's addictive!
basketball free java game Basketball
Practice your basketball shots.
golf free online java games Linx Golf Game
Play 18 holes of golf.
mario free java game Jrio
This is a Java applet re-make of the famous game "Super Mario Land".
java darts game Darts
Place the darts in the center of the board if you can.


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