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Free Content Resources For Your Web Site

As a webmaster, you will probably already know that you need to have lots of useful, informative or entertaining content on your site. Without that, you will find it difficult to get a high ranking in the search engines such as Google and MSN. That means fewer visitors to your site, and it will be almost impossible to get visitors to bookmark it so they can visit it again in the future. If visitors like your site they may even tell their friends about it.

You need to give your visitors a reason to bookmark your site - they are not going to do that unless they find that your site is useful to them.

A web site that is going to grow in popularity needs to add new content frequently. The search engines and your visitors like sites that have frequently updated pages. The problem for many webmasters is that either they don't know how to, or don't have the time, to create new content for their web sites.

Do you it difficult to create new content for your web site?

Luckily for you, there are many sites which are happy to supply you with free content in return for a link to their site.

To help with your search for useful content we have created a directory of free web site content resources. These will allow you to use their content on your web site.

There is free content, such as, financial content, syndicated articles, world news, sports news, cartoons, jokes, horoscopes, online games, quizzes and trivia. Plus useful additions to your site - remotely hosted guestbooks, messageboards (forums) and polls.

These will all help to make your site more interesting and useful to your visitors. Your site will become more 'sticky', that is, your are more likely to get visitors returning to your site again and again because they like what you have to offer.

The content is often available in more than one format so you can choose which is best for your site - and your abilities. Usually you just have to copy and paste a small piece of code onto your web page, but for more advanced webmasters there are RSS feeds.

Our directory has examples for most of these resources so you can see whether they would suit your site.

A random selection of free content


Here are some free fun flash games which you can add to your web site and increase your traffic. There are currently 19 games to choose from.

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Quote of the Day

Add a "Quote of the Day" from to your web site.

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Free Games Content For Your Website From Balando

Here are 2 free flash games that you can host on your site.

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A Free Remotely Hosted Shoutbox From SayBox

Saybox offers free remotely hosted shoutboxes to use on your website. Each Saybox shoutbox can be customised to match the colors and style of your web site, and because they host them for you, there's no complicated installation to do - just sign up and paste one line of code into your web page to get started.

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InvisionFree Remotely Hosted Message Boards

InvisionFree is a free service that provides online communities. While similar to a Chat Room or an Instant Messenger, InvisionFree can be used for long term discussions with a large group of people. You can post a message for others to see even if they are not online at the moment. InvisionFree can be used for friends, clubs, and businesses. It could be used to talk about your favorite sport or even a general chat area where people can talk about whatever they want.

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